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Auburn Energy Management (AEM) Overview

-Built on Sierra Hamilton’s 35+ year history of providing contract engineering and operational support for E&P clients ranging from “majors” to start-up teams.

-AEM platform is designed to capture SH’s full scope of operating services in a low cost, customized, operational model for financial firms, direct investors, equity clients, and E&P clients of all sizes.

-AEM owns no working or revenue interest in any project or asset. Done to avoid any conflicts or appearance of completion with our clients.

-Sierra Hamilton currently supports ~550 active independent contractors monthly (Drilling, Completions, Infrastructure, and Production operations)

U.S. Lower 48, U.S. offshore, Alaska, International

In 2014, ~750 consultants were active.

-Historical Operator of Record programs – executed >$500MM in CAPEX program developments

-Historical including Project Management and Contract Operating programs: >$1 Billion in CAPEX executed for clients.

Auburn Energy Management- Current activity level (as of 7/1/18)

-AEM is currently providing Contract Operator and Operator of Record services on multiple projects

Clients range from publically traded $Billion E&P companies to small equity firms.

Project areas: Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Utah

-AEM is providing operating and engineering advisory services to several equity and financial clients for on-going operations and acquisitions

Clients included private investors, financial restructuring firms, and private equity groups

Project areas: Mid-Continent, Rockies, Texas, Alaska and offshore shelf

-AEM is currently providing a 6-7 member team on a “receivership” program in the Rockies. (CEO, CFO, VP Land…etc)
Asset values >$100 MM

Multi-States (operated and non-operated), international, and exploration

-Reservoir and Production group provides reservoir engineering, production management, and reserves evaluations.