Auburn Energy Management

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Production, Reservoir & Evaluation

We value long-term relationships and work closely with our clients to understand their needs and objectives. Our projects are overseen by our subject matter experts and we call upon our alliance partners for their own specific areas of subject matter expertise.

Our teams have assisted our clients with Production challenges involving sand control, artificial lift, downhole remediation and production modeling. Clients have utilized our teams to oversee their full field production operations and “behind pipe” development programs.

Our reservoir engineering teams provide support related to, Acquisition & Divestment, Acquisition Evaluation & Screening, Divestiture Preparation & Presentation, Reserves & Sensitivity Analysis , Upside Reserves Quantification. Services also includeSEC Reserves Determination, Economics, and Strategic Planning.

Clients have also engaged Auburn Energy Management to assist them with new acquisitions in areas they are unfamiliar with related to regulatory, operating best practices, and marketing.

Recent examples include capital clients with struggling assets engaging Auburn Energy Management to provide value adding directive and recommendation to on-going PDP, PDNP and PUD programs. In some cases, this evaluation role is converted to contract operating on behalf of the capital provider, allowing them the opportunity for value restoration and asset preservation.


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