Auburn Energy Management

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Operational Asset Support

Auburn Energy Management provides a wide range of technical and operational service for our clients. Auburn Energy Management provides our clients with a wide selection of subject matter experts ranging from upstream technical support (construction, drilling, completions, production) to geological and reserve based engineering. Through our large consultant and technical base and operational history, Auburn Energy Management can provide a tailored to fit team to support our client's assets in various stages of their life cycle.

Clients have engaged Auburn Energy Management to provide operational due diligence on pending acquisitions and divestitures. These services provide our clients with area specific technical and operational expertise for every major basin in the U.S. (including, but not limited to - wellbore construction, PDP/PDNP execution feasibility and risk, and operational review of the assets). Clients have also expanded their relationship with Auburn Energy Management to include full contract operating teams. These teams are tailored to fit any given area and technical challenge, and do not require any working or revenue interest in the assets. All relationships with our clients are based on a consulting fee structure, and are designed to fit any given timeline that our clients require.


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