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ASSET MANAGEMENT Reducing Risk and Cost Associated with Oil and Gas Assets

New Entrants into the U.S.
E&P Market

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Whether for performance improvement or expanding growth opportunities, foreign and U.S. investors will benefit from an experienced asset manager who is involved with an asset from the acquisition through the various phases of operations all the way to the tanks. AEM is experienced in providing these services across all major basins in the U.S. due to our extensive network and historical operating programs.

Private Equity Sponsored
Asset Team

Oil & Gas Pipeline

During the life cycle of an asset, each team may not possess a complete, well rounded organization. Customized for each client, AEM provides a “one-stop-shop” for all disciplines including drilling, completion, production, reservoir and other specialties. AEM has the ability to turn on and off overhead depending on the investor’s needs.

Stranded or Isolated Assets

Contract Operator

Financially strong E & P companies often own assets that are not geographically, strategically or efficiently blended with their core assets. In these situations, these companies might not have or choose to use their resources necessary to maximize the value of these assets. AEM has a strong history of filling these needs.



Distressed Assets

Oil & Gas Assets

These situations require financial institutions to protect their investment by performing a fresh business and technical review. AEM provides these services to identify the risks and opportunities that will allow the investors to make more informed decisions. In addition, AEM has the ability to provide customized, contract operating services without creating changes to an ownership structure.

Financially Restructured Assets

Drilling Rig

In the event an asset faces financial restructuring, a critical risk during this time is the loss of management or technical employees. AEM can quickly place a temporary key manager or an entire operating team during this phase. This could have the effect of reducing further stress to an organization by providing operational stability. This is made possible by AEM’s wide network of technical experts and E & P executive level personnel.



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