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Contract Operating

Since the 1970’s, New Tech Global and their predecessors have provided project management, contract operating and operator of record services for our clients. These projects have ranged from single well development, to full scope operating that includes acquiring assets, additional development, and asset management through divestiture.

Clients have ranged from energy financial groups to major E&P companies. Project areas have included most major basins in the U.S. lower 48 and Alaska. Total capital for contract operated programs is well over half a Billion $US. Including project managed programs, expenditures reach over $1 Billion in executed capital on behalf of our clients.

Our clients trust Auburn Energy Management to provide operating teams specific to a given asset, that create and restore value without burdening the asset with additional ownership requirements. Auburn Energy Management provides all of this without the requirement of working interest or revenue interest in the asset, allowing our clients to maximize their value.

Contract Operating Services

  • Acquiring New Assets
  • CAPEX development (drilling, completions, production...)
  • Optimizing Base Production
  • Divestiture

Regulatory Services

  • Obtaining drilling and other permits
  • Serving as Operator of Record (based on client type)
  • Production reporting
  • Regulatory filing

Land Services

  • Land broker services
  • Title review and due diligence
  • Lease and land administration

Accounting Services

  • Full line of accounting services
  • Joint Interest Billings
  • Lease Operating Statements
  • Royalty Payments
  • Vendor Payments

Vendor and Contractor Management Oversight

  • Manage vendors and contractors for a given project

Legal, Insurance and Contract Management Oversight

  • Legal review, negotiation and management of Contracts with Vendors, Land Owners and other parties
  • Insurance review and purchasing from highly rated insurers at competitive rates

Marketing and Midstream Services

  • Negotiate competitive agreements with oil and gas marketing firms
  • Field specific Midstream agreements


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