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Back Office Accounting & Vendors

Providing full scope operating services, Auburn Energy Management also delivers back office accounting functions. Historically, Auburn Energy Management’s founding companies have provided these services in-house. Today, through our partnerships with an independent Texas based accounting firm, Auburn Energy Management provides a wider range of accounting functions, vendor management, and royalty owner relationship services.

Joint interest billing, lease operating statements, cash flow management, royalty payments, and revenue collection/distribution are just a few of the current range of back office functions involved in our current projects. As a snap shot, from 2017 through 2019, Auburn Energy Management has processed over $200MM in project CAPEX for our clients, not including revenue payments under our operating companies.

As Operator of Record, over $500MM in CAPEX programs have been executed by our operating companies, not including expenditures for contract operating and project management programs.

In addition to the accounting functions, Auburn Energy Management provides a wide range of vendor relationship management roles including negotiating Master Service Agreements, obtaining insurance and risk management oversight.


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